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Get Smart with Vinegar

For pet odors, old stains, fresh linens, fluffier cakes, and home beauty masks, vinegar can do it all.
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For thousands of years, different cultures across the world have used vinegar as a cooking ingredient, a curative, a cleaner and much more. From ancient Rome, to early China and the Middle East, vinegar was valued for its medicinal and cleaning qualities much as it is today.


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Information goes here about the BC part of the timeline

5000 BC
Sumerians, a civilization of ancient Babylonia, used vinegar to preserve and pickle food.
3000 BC
Making of homemade vinegar was being phased out.
2000 BC
Vinegar production was largely a commercial industry.
1260-1240 BC
Helen of Troy bathed in vinegar to relax.
400 BC
Hippocrates prescribed vinegar as a remedy for a variety of ailments.
247-181 BC
Hannibal, a military commander, drenched huge boulders in hot vinegar which cracked them into small pieces, enabling his army to continue its journey across the Alps.
69-30 BC
Cleopatra dissolved pearls in vinegar to prove that she could consume a fortune in a single meal.
58-51 BC
Caesar's armies used vinegar as a beverage.

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Information goes here about the AD part of the timeline

World War I medics used vinegar to treat soldiers’ wounds
Japan's First Comprehensive Vinegar Museum Opened, Mitsukan Vinegar Museum in Handa-shi Aichi-en
International Vinegar Museum opened in Roslyn, South Dakota
China opened its own vinegar museum in Qingxu County in northern Shanxi Province
In focus groups women fondly recalled their grandmothers' cleaning tips using vinegar
Vinegar with higher acidity specifically for cleaning introduced into mainstream market
Rebirth of canning and preserving; perceived health benefits of vinegar rediscovered
Future Outlook: Flavored drinking vinegar, vinegar cocktails shrubs, vinegar in beauty products