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Hand-Stained Holiday Craft

  What could be better nestled under the tree than a gift you make yourself? A little vinegar and creativity makes for a craft anyone will be proud to show off!

Home-Stained Holiday Craft

TOTAL TIME: 5 days


1. Add a pad of super fine steel wool into a mason jar.
2. Add distilled white vinegar to the jar. You’ll want to fill it most of the way, loosely screw the lid on.
3. Let vinegar solution sit for 2-3 days
4. Stir together the mixture, as the steel wool will have risen to the top.
5. Filter the solution through a coffee filter and into another mason jar.
6. Let the mixture sit for another 24 hours.
7. Paint the mixture onto wooden item to stain.
8. Let dry for 24 hours to let the solution react with the wood.
9. Decorate as desired!

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